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As wedding photographers, we have the unique privilege of being by your side for every important moment of your day. This is not something we take lightly. We'll be in the room when you slip on your heels, tie your bow-tie, see each other for the first time, and high five after tying the knot.

We treasure capturing the big moments, but we live for the quiet ones. Those are the best ones to remember as you grow old together.

magic in the unexpected

Trust us: the most memorable moments of your wedding won't be planned. This is the magic that makes the day so exciting. A supermoon will rise over your reception, a family of ducks will walk through your ceremony, a desert rain will paint a stunning rainbow. We plan like crazy before your big day ... then we stay ready for life to throw us that amazing curve ball while shooting.


Helping you savor your wedding day is important to us. Our approach is unobtrusive and documentary in style, however we've learned to sometimes help you slow down and breathe. We won't rush you when you take a moment to hug grandma. We may suggest that you smell your bouquet before you walk down the aisle so you remember that flutter in your belly. We want you to enjoy your dad's embrace during your father-daughter dance. Our job is to capture these memories; your job is to hold on tight and enjoy them.

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When you look through your album months after your wedding, we want you to remember how it felt to celebrate with those who make you belong ... those who love you for exactly who you are. 

We hope an image will remind you of that joke your bridesmaid told. That note your fiance left in your purse. We want the photos to spark pride in the traditions you made into your own. The hard work you put into all those details. We want you to remember that your wedding was 100% you.

our approach

Let's chat
over cookies

The first step in our photography process is a sit-down with you and your fiance in our St. George, Utah home studio. We want to learn all about what makes you and your wedding unique. Ingrid will bake some fresh cookies (yuuuum!) and we'll get to know you, discuss the nitty-gritty, and plan your date. If you're not local, or life is super busy ... no problem! We can also chat via Skype.

Let's make a
Game plan

We're very hands-on in our approach to wedding photography. We work closely with your wedding planner for a schedule with plenty of time to capture the images you dream of having. If you don't have a planner, don't worry: we've been to hundreds of weddings and we can advise you on how to create a fluid and stress-free day.

TWo Thumbs up

When wedding day rolls around, you won't have to worry about a thing! We'll help finalize your schedule and formal portraits weeks before your big day so you can focus on having an epic event. On the day, go ahead and laugh, cry, and high five! We'll take care of the moments. Then, after you ride off into the sunset, we'll begin selecting and perfecting your images to curate your wedding story.

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Your big Premiere

Days after the wedding, we share a sneak peek of your images on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram. But the real fun happens when you come into our studio a few weeks after your event for your wedding story premiere! We'll screen a custom slideshow of your big day; our favorite part of this job is watching you sit back and re-live all the memories. 

Let's Preserve

With your final images ready at your premiere, we’ll begin the album creation process. We'll also help you select images to produce as fine-art prints. One of the most important steps is how you preserve your images for generations to come. Because when the zombie apocalypse arrives, a USB drive of images is useless. But physical prints and a handmade album will keep your memories alive. 


our Process

Why Albums matter

Living in the age of digital, it's tempting to put your images on a flash drive or on social media and call it a day. But there's something about holding a real album in your hands that makes your memories more meaningful. More tactile. More solid. A real connection is created when you look through a physical album with those you love. Your wedding album is an invaluable way to preserve and share your family history.


We take pride in capturing your story and turning it into a one-of-a-kind family heirloom that  your family will keep for generations. 

Every album is custom-designed in-house with a fresh contemporary layout, with you and your family in the spotlight! 

audrey albums

Tradition meets style in a flush-mount Audrey album! These premium leather albums have durable panoramic pages that lay flat when open. Your images are real photographic prints, arranged in-house for a story-focused design. Cover options include leather, fabric, image cutouts, or a unique cover with a B&W metallic print. Audrey albums are available in 8x8 and 10x10 sizes. Our Audrey ... like Ms. Hepburn herself ... is quite unforgettable.

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Katherine albums

Everyone loves Kate! Our other Hepburn is classy and independent, with sleek skinny styling for a spirited modern look. These budget-friendly books are handmade with seamless photographic prints and designed in-house with a fresh, airy layout, so your moments shine. Katherine albums come in 8x8 and 10x10 sizes, with six fabric cover choices. Kate is time-tested and full of attitude!

parent books

Our most popular collection add-on is our parent books. They are not duplicates of your album — instead, these books are custom-designed with images chosen by your parents. It's always better when you can pick your own favorites! Parent books are 8x8 Katherine albums. They can also be upgraded to a larger size or a premium Audrey album.

accordion books

Accordion books are a fun and portable way to show off your images. Plus, they make great gifts for the wedding party, grandparents, and other important guests. These 4x8 accordion books showcase your moments with eight press-printed pages, designed in-house with a bright airy layout. Covers are made of a durable folio substrate, wrapped with a satin-finish photographic cover.

Filled with joy

"When we look at our album today we are filled with so much joy. We love going back and re-living the day ... and discovering new moments that we didn't even notice in the chaos of such a big event. It's so wonderful to be able to have such a beautiful record of all the family and friends who supported and celebrated with us."
                                             — Jen + R0b

our albums


"Before my wedding, I was worried that my photos wouldn't come out as beautiful as the images I see in magazines and on Pinterest. However, Gearhart Photo produced AMAZING photos from start to finish! My favorite are the "candid" photos of my family's natural reaction to everything. All of the excitement and tears of joy that were caught on camera were authentic and so beautiful to re-live." 

soon-to-be mom + NAVY RECRUITER

"Amazing photos from
start to finish!"

Samantha + Alex

"We're in love with our wedding photos and thrilled with your ability to tell our story through photos. Our favorite memory was standing in the middle of the river on a gravel bar while the jet boat steadies against the current so Russell could get the shot. We wanted amazing images with the "wow factor" and you guys certainly did the job!"


"We wanted the 'wow factor' and you did the job!"

heather + brian

"Russell and Ingrid truly cared about everything: About making us feel comfortable, about capturing every moment, about making us look our best, about blending in seamlessly and not intruding on the moment, and, overall, caring about doing the best possible job. In the end, they were like part of the family. Authentic and committed in every way." 

film preservationist + marketing coordinator

"They were like part of
the family!"

"We loved every step of the process working with Gearhart Photo. They made the whole experience from planning to the big day to the finished album so fun and stress free. We never had to worry about anything because they are so professional, reliable, and spectacularly talented. We love the cinematic quality to our photos and Russell's ability to capture such beautiful candid moments. Hands down, they are the best out there."

Jen + Rob


"Hands down, they are the best out there!"

meredith + Ian

"Russell and Ingrid are, at their core, truly wonderful people. Salt of the earth. I didn't have to worry about a single detail. Everything was thought of, every photo we wanted was taken. We have our album out on our piano and pick it up from time to time to flip through. It's such a great spread of pictures from the day that are put together organically - they tell the story!" 

Screenwriter + molecular geneticist

"They tell the story!"

jane + Alfonso

"Many of our friends who got married in the last couple of years had not-so-great experiences with their photographers; we however had the best experience by far.
We fully trusted Russell to get the shots that showcased who we are and our wedding day. It wasn’t just that he captured the details of our wedding; he captured our personality and the energy of the day."

librarian + circulation coordinator

"He captured our personality
and the energy of the day!"

Stephanie + Riki

"We are not stand-in-front-of-cameras-and-pose type of people, but you guys made us feel comfortable and happy. We love that you took the time and effort to get to know us. We're so happy we hired someone who could help us focus on important moments with family and friends, so we didn't have to worry. You're great people to work with and we thoroughly enjoyed your presence at our wedding." 


"You made us feel comfortable and happy."

"Their whole team was so warm and inviting it was easy to be ourselves in front of the camera. We are so grateful we decided to invest in quality photos. The memories they kindle today are worth far more than the money spent on them. The whole day was such a blur that we could only remember so much. To be able to look back and see our special moments from different points of view is truly a gift."

Asia + Tommy

Florist + tech specialist

"It was easy to be ourselves in front of the camera."

"The Gearhart's are super professional, creative, mellow and down to earth. We loved their style, approach, and philosophy, especially the creativity and ease of working with them. Seeing our photos for the first time was magical."

Larke + Russell

Digital Marketer + Sound Mixer

"Seeing our photos for the first time was magical!"

Love Letters


Your story is worth remembering. 

We're dedicated storytellers who care deeply about documenting and helping you preserve it.

Packages begin with six hours of coverage and include photography by Russell, a premiere of your images, a set of digital files, and an online gallery.

We also believe firmly in the tactile, analog storytelling quality of real printed photographs. so a collection of art prints is included with some packages. You can also add an album to any package at a significant savings

Complete wedding coverage begins at $2350, and couples often invest ~$4000.
Elopement coverage is also available.

Send us a note and let's chat!

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