Snow Canyon High School Senior Portrait Session

Congratulations to Uintah who graduates from Snow Canyon High School this week!

We had a blast during her senior portrait session back in the fall. We drove out into the southern Utah desert for some sunset images among the red rocks and clay. Photography is full of awesome surprises and we loved the dust-filled air kicked up by some four wheelers out having some weekend fun. It created some gorgeous atmosphere for these portraits.

But the real sparks flew at night. Uintah wanted to do something different. Something more than a traditional senior portrait shoot. Inspired by 80’s grunge, we designed an extra-long session for Uintah, and got out the pyrotechnics. Literally showered in sparks, Uintah channeled her inner punk-rocker for the final part of our session, and she totally rocked it.

Enjoy these images from Uintah’s senior portrait session:

Congratulations Uintah!

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