Laugh Together

Planning a wedding can feel like such a huge task. You can get overwhelmed with seating charts and catering menus and forget why you got engaged in the first place. We created this 30-second video to remind you to stop and think about why you love each other.

One of the major bedrocks of me and Russell’s relationship is laughter. We’re most in love when we’re making silly faces at each other, watching SNL videos, and being plain old ridiculous. Maybe that’s why some of my favorite memories from the weddings we’ve photographed are when our couples collapsed into laughter.

We love it when our couples are goofy together.

We love it when they have inside jokes.

We love it when they smoosh cake in each other’s faces.

Our hearts get warm when we see a couple genuinely understand each other’s humor!

Remember that planning a wedding and starting a life together should be a blast. One you do with laughter and a light heart.

Laugh more. Laugh often.

We’re currently booking weddings in Los Angeles, Southern Utah, and destination events all over the country. Please contact us to share why you and your fiance fell in love and how you make each other laugh!

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