It’s Time to Monster Mash!

Happy Halloween to all yee big and little spooks out there! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and it’s the perfect time to debut as the new blog-tress of Russell Gearhart Photography. Who am I? I’m Ingrid Sundberg, Russell’s purple haired (and sometimes pink or blue haired) graphic designer. I design wedding albums, promotion materials, and now blog posts!

Is this a trick or a treat?

I’m hoping it’s a treat. But on to the candy…

Every year, Russell and I throw a big Halloween Monster Bash! We decorate the house, put up ghoulish lights, bake enough tasty treats to satiate the giant tarantula in our back yard, and wait for the zombies (or… our friends) to come. This year Russell debuted our new photobooth (custom designed by Russell and our friend, super-artist Craig Elliott), which was a spook-tacular hit! Russell also braved the vampires and evil fairies to take some fantastic candid photos as well.

Here’s a few highlights of the monster-iffic madness:

The house was decorated, the treats set out, and the spiders began to spin their webs.

The hallways were full of creepy crawlies.

The edible arrangements were made of 100% godzilla flesh…and cheese.

We waited for the Zombies to come…

We snacked on puke-a-licious pumpkin bites.

We hoped the ghouls would be impressed by our Jack Skellington cake pops.

And our leaning towers of orange brownie cake, which pair deliciously with moldy old pig bread.

Willie Nelson (Russell) and his evil fairy muse (Ingrid) awaited the costumed masses. (Yes, that is my real hair!) (Photo by Jen Pino).

And they came in droves! We were happy to see Evil Alice and Cowgirl Jesse.

A few rednecks from down the street showed up.

Rosie the Riveter came to inspire a new generation of women, while Charlie Brown learned all about Oktoberfest from a German in his Lederhosen.

Ash came to save us from the Evil and the Dead, bringing his entourage, including a monstrous sock monkey, Sookie Stackhouse, and a snow bunny.

Of course, Tony Stark showed up. Because he’s cool like that.

There was an evil witch, who may have turned Russell into a frog for an hour.

Atreyu from The NeverEnding Story came with the Empress.

And Hunter S. Thompson hung out on the back porch sharing wacky stories and writing tips.

The Mad Pirate Craig smiled for this shot by the photobooth (which he built!).

And everyone had a grand old time posing, laughing, dancing, and mugging it up in front of the photobooth!

It was a spook-a-riffic night!

Dying to see more photobooth madness? Get out of your coffin and see all the Halloween photobooth images on our Facebook page at: RGP Halloween Photobooth 2012

We hope you have a spooky, safe, and fun-tastic Halloween!

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