Sneak Peek: Christmas Day Proposal in St.George, Utah

A little magic was is in the air this holiday season for Jack and Michelle’s Christmas Day proposal in St. George, Utah.

Michelle’s parents live in Southern Utah, and she’d come to visit them for Christmas. The whole time, she thought her boyfriend Jack was back in California, working over the holiday. Instead, in cahoots with Michelle’s mother, he was planning his big entrance. He flew to St. George on Christmas Day to surprise his soon-to-be fiance.

Russell tip-toed away from our family festivities to be there on the doorstep with Jack to capture Michelle’s reaction. In our opinion, the eggnog and roast-beast can wait. It’s far more meaningful to capture Michelle’s surprise and joy as she opened the door and saw Jack down on one knee!

Then the next morning, we joined them for a mini-engagement session as they snuggled to stay warm.

Enjoy this quick sneak peek of the fun:

Christmas Day Proposal in St. George, Utah - Look at that engagement ring! - Gearhart Photo: St.George Wedding Photographer

Christmas Day Proposal in St. George, Utah - Engagements in Snow Canyon - Gearhart Photo: St.George Wedding Photographer

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jack and Michelle! We’re honored to have shared this wonderful moment with you.

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