Belong Together

Russell and I made our first Gearhart Photo video!

We’ve decided to start making these video nuggets as a way to share our photography values. Not only do we love what we do, but we also adore our clients. In that way, these videos are also love letters to our #nerdyatheart couples. We’re honored to have been invited into our clients’ lives to capture their nerdy love.

This first video highlights what it means to truly find someone with whom you belong.

To us, love isn’t a fairy-tale in a movie. Love isn’t a picture-perfect image in a magazine. To us, love is honoring each other’s hearts and ambitions. It’s supporting each other’s passion and independence. Love is finding someone who allows you to be one-hundred percent yourself — flaws, weirdness, and all!

Find the person who makes you belong and never let them go.

Enjoy our video!

If you’ve found the person you belong to … the one you’re never ever going to let go … please contact us and tell us all about why you love them!

We can’t wait to hear why you two belong together.

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